AL Rawda General Maint. & Decor Co.

AL RAWDA is one among the leading  Painting & Gypsum Decoration Companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, under the banner of ‘AL RAWDA GENERAL MAINTENANCE & DECORATION CO.’

AL RAWDA has multinational staff of professionals, which is inclusive of Administrative, Engineering, Architectural & Designing and Skilled workers who are having many years of experience in their specialized fields.  We are attaching herewith a list of ongoing and completed projects by us where we have carried out our scope of work. One of the UAE’s most respected and successful businesses, the Al Rawda today operates in the UAE and international markets.

Chairman's Profile

The Al Rawda LLC was founded at the time the United Arab Emirates became an independent nation. From modest beginnings, the group has matched the pace of growth of the UAE.

The Brothers Mr. Abdul Rahman Ahmed Al Mutawwa, the Chairman & Mr. Ali Ahmed Al Mutawwa, and the Director, Who were joined by Mr. Abdul Khadir Buhari as Managing Partner, established AL RAWDA General Maintenance & Décor in the year 1971.